A Majestic Heritage Hotel

Hotel Laidley was built by John Campbell of Argyle Laidley on the corner of Patrick street and Campbell street in 1890.

Mr. Campbell opened its business as The Britannia Hotel in 1892.

After a decade, he sold the hotel including all of its amenities & properties and offered a freehold ownership for life to buyers.

He advertised the hotel as a 2-storey building that has a housing bar room, 2 parlours, a sitting room, dining rooms, a billiard room, 11 bedrooms, kitchen, pantry, staff rooms, 3 bathrooms, wash house, storage rooms, stables, 4 stalls, bedroom & buggy shed, and a large hall on the 11 acre property.

Eye-catching Neon Sign

The hotel was sold and moved on the main corner in town, Patrick Street and William Street, Laidley, in 1927.

The interesting part is that the business was moved to a place that was once a Sale yard for pigs and nearby old cattle yard sales.

The hotel caught the people's attention for having the 1st neon sign at the town of Laidley.

It also holds one of the longest liquor licences which has continued on since 1892.

From "The Britannia"
To "The Old Britannia"

Moving to the present time, 3 brothers namely Aaron, Jason and Ryan Beaumont have decided to reopen the hotel Laidley.

They named the hotel as The Old Britannia. Their main goal is to remain its historic heritage features and offer its comfortable feel that suits a Gastro style pub with great food and drinks.

They opened a restaurant with a wholesome country menu, a bar and a bottle shop. They cater for families, and provide a friendly environment for families and children.

The 3 brothers do their best for their business and hoping to offer accommodations in the future.